Sunday, January 9, 2011

Visit from my bestie

M came to visit today! The party we were supposed to be having was pretty much cancelled due to the snow that fell ALL DAY, but M and her boyfriend still made it from Minneapolis, and my good friend P braved the harsh winter weather to join the fun.

It was so absolutely wonderful to see M. We've been really close for the last two years, and it's been hard not to see her every day. We were used to that when we lived in the same town, and it's been hard since I moved, but we're making it work. We sound like we're lovers, don't we? :P Anyway, we just hung out and talked, and played a game while C drew a portrait of all of us. It was a spectacular day in my opinion.

I'm finding that it's been hard to take photos when I'm around people I haven't seen in forever. I just want to soak up the time with them, and it's hard to put myself behind the lens when I'm with my family and friends. We'll be in town all day tomorrow, and will have lots and lots of down time, so hopefully I'll get some great photos. Dress shopping day is tomorrow too, so there should be lots of lovely stuff from that! :D

Meanwhile, enjoy these few photos from our night of debauchery. Until tomorrow...


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