Friday, January 7, 2011

First day back

Today was our first full day with the family. It's Mom's birthday today, so we were pretty busy, but I did manage to find time to sneak a few photos in. Our piano is still here, dusty because I'm the only one who plays it anymore, but still beautiful. I took a few photos with the late morning light streaming through the window, and I really like the way some of them turned out. Here they are...

We revealed the family Christmas present, which was the Wii we bought them. That was the surprise for my brothers I mentioned a few posts back, and boy were they thrilled! :) After playing for a few hours, my mom busted out this stuff.

You know you all remember this stuff from your childhood. :P My brother, C, and I all had about an hour's worth of entertainment tonight lol. It was wonderful! More to come tomorrow...


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