Friday, January 21, 2011

I struggle with forward motion

I feel like this Relient K lyric (the title of this post) is appropriate for today. I spent all morning at the doctor with F (he's had a cough for a month, Mom and Dad were tied up, so I took him to his appointment), then spent the afternoon running errands. To top it all off, we had company over tonight. Good company, but still, I feel like I've been on the move all day.

I had trouble getting any photos of still children. A figured out walking while I was on vacation, so she toddles everywhere now. Normally she'll stop for a break, and I can snap a few shots, but not today! Despite the fact that I always use the sport setting on my camera (it's supposed to get clear pictures of moving subjects), it never seems to help me. I think I need to have better lit areas in order for it to work. The shutter has to stay open too long to be effective. :/

Here are the ones I did get...enjoy them. :)


 Baby on the move!
 A's angry face :P
Kuba on the couch

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