Saturday, January 8, 2011


Yet another day with minimal photo-taking. I'm starting to feel a little guilty, but then I remind myself that I'm on vacation, and that feeling disappears. It's hard to just bust out the camera when I'm in the middle of a card game or visiting with friends I haven't seen in a year.

C and I went over to a family friend's house tonight to meet their new puppy and catch up for a bit. We were gone for five hours or so, and when we got home, we found that Mom had been baking up a storm in our absence. The house smelled like fresh cupcakes, and was delightfully warm and cozy. There have been many things in the last few days that make me pause and say a silent prayer of thanks. I'm so grateful to be here and to spend time surrounded by things that are familiar favorites from my childhood. I've really missed a lot of people and things while in Arizona. Here's a photo of the deliciousness that was waiting for us. :)

I also got a pretty decent photo of my favorite Christmas ornaments. Yes, my parents still have their tree up. :P They left it up for me, so that I could get a little taste of homestyle Christmas before they packed it all away. I absolutely adore these icicle ornaments, and while the photo is a little fuzzy, I couldn't say no to the way the lights shine through the icicle and make it glisten with a multi-colored glow. It's magical. :)

We're having a little welcome home party tomorrow, so I should get lots of portraits and candids tomorrow. I'm excited to see one of my very best friends (she's driving all the way from Minneapolis to see me for the day!) and we have lots of local friends coming over as well. It should be a pretty spectacular day. :) Til then!


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