Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time to catch some z's

This has been one heck of a day. My photo for the day is totally unimpressive, and I know I can and will do better, but honestly, there was little time for it today. C and I made our Sunday morning breakfast this morning, and then it was time for an afternoon of pampering before our engagement photos this afternoon. K came over again today to help with my hair and makeup, so we picked her up first, and then spent a few hours painting toenails, applying makeup, and curling hair. It was so fun!

The most fun part of the day was definitely our photo session though. Our photographer is wonderful, and we had him laughing hysterically the entire time. C and I are jokers, and we have a hard time keeping straight faces while getting our photos taken. We were goofing off majorly, but our photographer thought it was great. We got a little sneak peek at some of our photos, and they look amazing! I'm soooo excited to see them, but we have to wait til next weekend to get our proofs back. :/

Since I was the subject of nearly 1000 photos today, I don't feel bad about not taking my own. :P Here's a photo of where I'll be for the next 8 hours. Enjoy!


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