Monday, January 3, 2011

Mundane Monday

I forgot my camera this morning! I had every intention of taking it to work with me, but I totally spaced and left it at home. I was rather annoyed with myself. The photos I took after work are really not that interesting (in my opinion), but I'm still getting used to the fact that not every day will be as photogenic as New Year's Day was.

I have two different subjects for today. These first two images are of the dice from Zombie Dice. I bought the game for C as a Christmas present, and we've both been a bit addicted to it in the last few weeks. It takes about five minutes to play, and the main goal is to eat 13 brains and not get blown up by shotguns. Awesome, right? We both think so. :) Here are those images.

Braaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnsssss..... :P


Also, I've found that I've become rather obsessed with light fixtures. I've always loved Christmas lights, but I'm finding that I love the contrast of lights with black background. We've been out at night a lot, so I've been taking lots of photos of different light sources, and I'm loving it! I was walking to our room, and the night light in the hall called out to me, so....I photographed it. :)

It's like a jellyfish...only less squishy.

On a random side note, C and I saw Tangled tonight. We both laughed hysterically through it, and snuggled a little closer together during the mushy parts. I'll definitely be waiting anxiously for that one to come out on DVD. :)

I hope your Monday was as laidback as mine!


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