Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can't judge a book by its cover

Unfortunately, I didn't really get a chance to use my camera much today. A is cutting 3 teeth at once, and she was quite a crab today. There were numerous instances of her standing in the middle of the room whimpering as she clutched her security blanket. It was pretty awful for all of us.

We did make it to the library today though. Normally we go on Mondays, since the library opens at 9 instead of 11, but it was closed yesterday in observance of MLK day. We headed out for a quick trip before lunch, and found several entertaining books to add to our book bags. Dinosaur Vs. The Potty by Bob Shea, and Jungle Drums by Graeme Base were the two favorites of the day. :)

I managed to snap a few good shots while in the library, while trying to keep F from throwing random books in the stroller and keeping A's paci in her seat. It was difficult, but also a good lesson in multitasking as a photographer. :P



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