Thursday, February 10, 2011

Completely and utterly knackered

What an exhausting day! The kids and I went to Imagination Avenue for storytime this morning, which is always fun. There was a really small group today, which was a lot nicer than the normally overwhelming crowd of kids screaming through the whole thing. A showed off her wicked dance moves and had all the moms laughing at how absolutely adorable she is. :P

After storytime, we headed over to the railroad park for a picnic lunch. We rode the carousel, and took a ride on the little train that circles the park. Both kids really love the train, and that's the main reason we visit that park, but we had some fun on the playground as well. I made F try baby carrots today, which was quite an ordeal for him. He chewed the same carrot for a half hour before I finally got him to swallow it. Ugh!

Once we got home, the kids had a nice long rest and I did some reading. I've been reading the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa, and I'm loving them! We played outside for a bit after naptime, so both kids got plenty of fresh air today.

Enjoy the photos from today. :)


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