Monday, October 11, 2010

And so it begins...

I've been in a bit of a rut lately. Since moving away from home, things have settled into a bland routine of work, home, dinner, spend what little time I can with C, bed, repeat. Don't get me wrong, we still do fun things and enjoy ourselves. I just feel like I'm not challenging myself enough anymore, and I'm missing out on a lot of experiences in life.

Recently I came across a friend's blog. She also has a list like mine, with numerous activities and goals that she wants to accomplish over the course of 1001 days. I decided that I wanted one, and sat down to make my own. I got about halfway through before running out of ideas, and turned to the one place that holds whatever information I need: Google. I found an entire website of people with lists like mine, and along with it, a whole host of creative and challenging goals. I borrowed some, and reworked them so that they fit me and my lifestyle, and the result is a list I'm proud of and excited to complete.

It's called the Caterfly List. C and I came up with the name together, after I told him that I wanted to transform into a more courageous and adventurous person at the end of this process. The list is the transformation stage, the path between stuck-in-routine-caterpillar and free-spirited-adventurous-butterfly. And so the Caterfly List was born.

The list is to the left for those of you who want to see it. I'll cross things off there as I finish them. My plan is to update this blog frequently, to keep myself motivated and others up to date on my progress. It starts today, 13 months exactly from the day that I will become Mrs. C, and ends on 7 July 2013, almost 4 years after C and I began dating. I hope you all enjoy this journey as much as I will. :)


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