Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The birth of my very own Project 64

I went to the store today to purchase my box of inspiration for the next year. 64 colors, 64 opportunities to let my creativity shine through. We'll see what comes of it, I suppose, but I have high hopes for this project. I spent most of today looking at other people's Project 64 pages, which helped me get even more excited to start (like I needed any more excitement lol).

I've decided to have my week run Saturday through Friday for the purposes of this project. There are two main reasons for this. Reason #1: It allows me to start sooner, as Saturday is only two full days from now. Reason #2: I have a feeling that the majority of my shooting will occur on the weekends, since I have more time to get out and explore. It would just be silly to split my weekends up, because then I'd spend Saturday wrapping up one color and Sunday starting a new one. It just makes more sense to start new colors on Saturday, when I'll have two full days to find them without any pressure from the chaos of my work week.

I also made my list of colors in the order I'll tackle them. How did I do this, you ask? When you open a Crayola box, the crayons are all in there randomly. There's no rhyme or reason to the placement of them. I, being the obsessive-compulsive weirdo I am, prefer to have my crayons arranged by color so that I can find what I'm looking for quickly. I'll post a photo of my nicely organized box tomorrow. :) Anyway, since I was going to be organizing the crayons, I decided to just close my eyes and randomly pull them from the box. Whatever came out would be the next color on the list, until all 64 had been removed and placed with their color families.

It was actually a pretty effective system. There were only a few times when I pulled similar colors one after the other, and in those cases, I just put the crayon back and chose a different one. That way, I won't end up with weeks of various reds, or a back and forth between shades of green and shades of orange for a month. In case you're curious, the first color I pulled was raw sienna. I'll begin my hunt for it on Saturday, and I can already tell that it'll be a fun challenge. I was unaware of just how many shades of brown there are until today, and it'll be interesting to try matching raw sienna to the world around me.

In the meantime, I'll be continuing to check out other people's blogs for inspiration, as well as continuing on in my quest to complete my massive list. I'm a tenth of the way there already! Can you believe it?


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