Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still alive!

Good grief, it's been a while since I've updated! It's not like I've really been doing a whole lot to move myself forward with my list, ashamed as I am to say it. We've been so busy with planning for our move and celebrating the holidays that I haven't even had much time to look at my list, much less complete anything on it. However, I did make a teeny bit of progress.

C and I started watching The Last Emperor, which was the Best Picture winner from 1987. We didn't finish it. Let me tell you something about this movie. It's a history based on actual events, and it's two hours and forty-five minutes long. We made it about an hour and a half before I started dozing off. :P C said that he actually found it interesting, and I won't lie. I thought that the story of China's last emperor would be really interesting too. However, they use flash back and forth between his childhood and his "present" situation (which was 1950), and it was really hard to follow at times. I'm sure it would have all made sense had we actually gotten to the end, but I have no desire to see the rest of that movie.

I'm giving myself a break on that one, since it's so stinking long, and counting it as watched. I watched half, which was enough to know that the second half would be equally as difficult to get through. Who knows? C may even succeed in convincing me to watch the other half. I'm still crossing it off my list. ;)

Also, I took some Christmas photos! Enjoy! :)


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