Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another Oscar winner :)

C and I watched Driving Miss Daisy last night, which was the 1989 Best Picture winner. It was our reward after a very long day of packing and hauling stuff to the in-laws' house. We moved in with C's parents to cut costs and save some money while we plan our wedding.

I actually really enjoyed Driving Miss Daisy. I love Jessica Tandy anyway, and she was pretty hysterical as the incredibly bitter Miss Daisy. Morgan Freeman was equally as incredible as Hoke, her chauffer. Even though very little actually happened in the movie, it still kept me entertained the entire time. I was quite pleasantly surprised. :) For those of you who haven't seen this one, you should definitely check it out! I won't give a plot rundown here, just in case it would spoil it for some people.

I'm trying to talk C into watching Rain Man next, since it was the 1988 winner, but he keeps saying no since both of us have seen it. One of these days I'll get him to cave... :P


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