Saturday, November 6, 2010

#20: Get a new camera...

is complete! C bought me a gently used Nikon d60 on Wednesday. I have yet to play with it, as NaNo is still causing a frenzy in my life right now, but I'm really excited to start using it. :)

Speaking of NaNo, here's a little update. My computer crashed on Thursday, which caused a minor panic attack for me. Luckily, C's parents helped my parents get me a new computer, which I am typing on at this very moment. It was truly a lifesaver, because I had a few NaNo obligations that required a computer of my own (they had to do with music, so it would have been tricky with someone else's computer). I'm very blessed to have the family I have. :)

Also, I went to another write-in today, and wrote over 2100 words. I even won a word war for the first time! I'm feeling pretty good about being able to catch up on my word count this weekend. I'm hovering around 6800 right now (I have a little more than that), and I need to have 11,668 by tomorrow night. If I write 1500 more words today, I'm pretty sure I can make the goal for tomorrow no problem.

Wish me luck!


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